Ways To Save Money While Shopping Online

ways to save money while shopping online e-commerce sites

We all love the convenience of online shopping because of the variety of choices and ease in the price comparison. 

Simply search and browse for the perfect product, click on the picture, add it to the cart and checkout. Your parcel will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days. But what you don’t realize are the dangers lurking online. 

As soon as the calendar hits November your screens are bombarded with online ads for holiday shopping. Some of them are trying to take advantage of your busy schedule and get you to click too quickly. One wrong click on a less than reputable website will not only put a damper on your shopping but you will also end up putting your personal information at stake. 

Our experts have devised a few tips to protect you from identity theft, online fraud and paying higher prices when shopping online for fashion clothing. So you know what to watch out for when you are shopping online. 

Secure Wi-Fi Connections 

Try to avoid online shopping when connected to public Wi-Fi. By doing so you are risking your information. It is so easy for a hacker to phish you when you are on public airwaves. But if you can’t wait till getting home then install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and use it while connecting to public Wi-Fi. This way your information will be encrypted and it will become safe for you to shop online for the dress you have been eyeing for. 

Update Your Web Browsers

Outdated browsers are like open door to your personal information and payment details. So make sure you are using the latest version of your browser to keep the frauds out. 

Shop On Websites With Strong Encryption

Always try to shop from websites with strong encryption. These websites will keep your credit card details safe while you shop for the latest styles. Look for sites that began with “https:”. The “s” means that your information is safe and encrypted and that the webmaster has a valid SSL certificate. The websites with only “Http” are less trustworthy. Look for the padlock on left to make sure it’s a legitimate, secure website. If the address bar turns then it’s an added layer to keep your information secure and protected. 

Double Check The URL And Publisher Name 

There are thousands of phony retail sites and apps online that are deceiving people by making them think that they are the real deal. To avoid getting scammed learn about their traps and try to avoid them. When you go to the Play Store there are many fraudulent shopping apps with legit brand names and logos. But to avoid getting duped don’t just look at the name pay extra attention to the name of the publisher. There usually are some spelling errors that are a dead giveaway of fake apps. The same is the case with importer retail websites. Just look at the URL closely and you will know. 

Strengthen Your Passwords 

Make sure your password is strong and unique. Birthdays, house numbers, pet names are all too easy for hackers to figure out. Your password should be more than five characters and a mix of uppercase and lowercase of alphabets, numbers and symbols. 

Avoid Clicking On Sketchy Links 

On a daily basis, your email inbox is bombarded with tons of emails from various sites. Most of them are a scam and trying to entice you by giving special offers. So in order to protect yourself avoid clicking random links that are directed towards you via email. 

Beware Of Drop Shippers 

These days anyone can make an ad and target it towards people through social media. It has become so easy to make money by drop shipping. Dropshippers advertise a product that they don’t stock. What they actually do is that they order the product from some other website and charge you extra. Paying extra can be avoided by doing some reverse research of the product image. This way you will know the actual price of the product. 

Read Online Reviews Carefully

Read online reviews posted by other people who bought an item from the website you are interested in and look for the feedback about the quality of the product and service. Watch out for any negative reviews about issues with payment, delivery, scams and complaints. Don’t order from the websites that have negative reviews or reviews and ratings that look blatantly fake or paid for on their online clothing shopping products. 

Save More Money When Shopping Online

Looking stylish is important but so is your safety and saving money. Try to make smart choices when shopping for your next purchase online to save more money for yourself or your bootstrapped business.