How To Dress For Business Events & Parties

how to dress for business events and parties

It was always a challenge to dress for parties or formal gathering and it has become an even bigger challenge with all those themed work parties and company functions going around. 

It's not a good idea to go and get a new dress or tuxedo for every company party or occasion. You just need to carefully build your stock of business party dresses and then choose from them. 

Here’s how to dress right for business events or parties: 

1. When The Party Invitation Reads “Black Tie Dress Code” 

We all want turned heads in any occasion, but for the right reasons only. A black-tie dress code asks you to be dressed in a semi-formal manner. It is important not to bend its rules since it is purposed solely at bringing a uniform audience up. 

This dress code must be taken as “length” by women for its best definition. The lengthier the attire, the safer bet. A floor length gown with an elite fabric featuring silk, velvet or chiffon is what you are expected to be draped in. Choose between either carrying a dramatic neck piece or elegant drop earring and compliment your somberness with a metallic clutch. Go with deep hues like navy, emerald, black or red. 

2. When The Party Invitation Reads “Cocktail Dress Code” 

This code is a slightly less formal than the black-tie code. A modest hemline Little Black Dress is the ultimate classic-go fancy cocktail appropriate attire. This code gets messed up when the length of the dress goes higher than your fingertips when your hands are is a resting position. However, it doesn’t let you feed the Cinderella inside you by wearing long gowns. Knee length or mid-calf length is the perfect hemline. You are eased to experiment with different shades according to your skin tone. The choice of fabric should deliver a sense of elegant dressing. Chiffon and velvet are the most preferred ones. Draping in dressy separates like a top and jeans is also equally acceptable for a cocktail dress code. It is just that the elegance should be neglected. However, dainty fancy heels remain a constant requirement whatever you end up wearing. 

3. When The Party Invitation Reads “Festive Dress Code” Or "Creative Cocktail” Or “Dress To Impress” Or “Holiday Attire” 

This code requires you be dressed in an outfit which has a good mix of sophistication and dressy holiday vibes. Incorporating bling with understated colors like mauve is what holiday attire means. You can layer a decent Little Black Dress (LBD) with a well embellished beaded or even sequined shrug and wear sparkly footwear. A marabou jacket will work wonders with separates. If you don’t want to go all sparkly, your jewelry should be bold enough to compensate. 

4. When The Party Invitation Reads “Dressy Resort” Or “Garden Party” 

Adorn yourself with comfort and style by slipping into fairly loose maxis, shifts, breezy and beach flow dresses or wide leg pants outlined with jewelry in summer hues. Go for loud floral prints that doesn’t overshadow the overall elegance. Bright wedges or ballet flats would serve as a perfect complement to the summer look. 

5. When The Party Invitation Reads “Business Attire” 

Workplace party appropriate attire would be a sheath dress or a suit. Any dress would do that is not over exposing in terms of silhouette and skin and is not shorter than knee length. Low neck cut lines should be strictly avoided at work parties. Go with corporate solid colors like grey, black and navy for a more conservative look at office gatherings, especially if your boss will be there. 

When In Doubt - Dress For Success

If you are still doubtful with the appropriation of your outfit in accordance with the dress code, it is advice to get overdressed rather than risking with awkwardness associated with being under dressed. And to our rescue, there is always an all-rounder that is the little black dress for sure. Dress for success!

In rare cases, when there is no dress code specified to the summon, watch out for little information pieces meticulously motioned on the card from venue, timings to how it is engraved. Decide accordingly what is expected of the event and how you can dress for success. 

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